Ladies of Grace
Peggy Tumlinson

Sundays at 10:45
The Church on Cypress, Room C5

Women's Bible study class.

Our class is using the MasterWork curriculum from LifeWay. 
July 23, 2017, we will begin a new study entitled Kingdom Authority, Getting an Upper Hand on the Underworld by Adrian Rogers. 

Weekly studies will include the following topics:

  • The Key to Kingdom Authority
  • Strength Through Surrender
  • Limits and Problems of Kingdom Authority
  • The Authority of Jesus’ Name
  • The Authority of the Word of God
  • The Authority of the Holy Spirit

                                In a sense, this book was more “born” than written.  I was impregnated with the idea of Kingdom Authority about forty years ago.  Most things born don’t gestate for forty years.  Yet little by little this volume grew inside the womb of my mind until it saw the light of day.

                                And there were labor pains.  I have written other books with comparative ease, but not this one.  I don’t mean to imply that this is a theological or literary masterpiece.  It is neither.  I believe, however, that Satan opposed the writing of The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority.

                                There were interruptions, sidetracks, emergencies, and even trivial matters that worked to abort this book.

                                One day I dropped to my knees and claimed the very victory that I was writing about. Yes, I had prayed before, but this prayer was one of desperate boldness.  From then on, the labor pains subsided and the book was born.

                                I have good news and better news.  The good news is that we can be heaven born and heaven bound.  The better news is that along with that come Kingdom Authority, if we will only exercise it.  There is no greater desire that I have for my life, the lives of my family members, and for you, dear reader, than that you might discover the truth and experience the vitality of Kingdom Authority.
--Adrian Rogers

Our study will continue until August 27, 2017.  All ladies are invited to join us at any time as we learn and grow together.

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